Natutal Coconut-Oil Glutathione Soap

The bar of soap is 2.8 ounce (Listing is for 1 bar of soap) and contains the natural anit-oxidant Gluthathione. The soap contains only coconut oil, lye and Glutathione. Green Breeze Imports Glutathione Soap is a handmade soap made in the made near Tabango in the Leyte Region of the Philippines. Glutahione is the natural antioxidant found in the human body and in most plants and animals. This soap is homemade by a local artisan and used by many of the local people in their daily cleaning. We found the soap in discussions with our associates. The soap is prized for its cleansing power and tender treatment of the skin. Asian people have soft skin and use this coconut oil based soap. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is be used as a skin moisturizer, helping with dry skin[ and has been associated reducing protein loss when used in hair. Coconut oil is an important base ingredient for the manufacture of soap. Soap made with coconut oil tends to be hard, though it retains more water than soap made with other oils and therefore moisturizing. It is more soluble in hard water and salt water than other soaps allowing it to lather more easily. Lye: Lye refers to the alkaline solution used to turn the oil into soap in a chemical reaction known as saponification. To be soap, the compound must contain some form of lye. Glutathione: (adapted from Wikipedia) Glutathione is an antioxidant that plays an important role in preventing oxidative damage to the skin. In addition to its many recognized biological functions, glutathione has also been associated with skin lightening ability. The role of glutathione as a skin whitening was discovered as a side effect of large doses of glutathione. Glutathione utilizes different mechanisms to exert its action as a skin whitening agent at various levels of melanogenesis. It inhibits melanin synthesis. Glutathione’s antioxidant property allows it to inhibit melanin synthesis by quenching of free radicals and peroxides that contribute to tyrosinase activation and melanin formation.[56] Its antioxidant property also protects the skin from UV radiation and other environmental as well as internal stressors that generate free radicals that cause skin damage and hyperpigmentation.

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